Residence at the Palm


This spectacular penthouse has had a miraculous makeover. The deep dark colors of brown and black have been restyled into this bright chic opulent and modern penthouse. It is surprising what painting can do for your home. Each room has been given its own story, by choosing the right atmosphere. Stylish and contemporary fabrics and textures have been used for each bedroom which has resulted in a myriad of millions of looks. As icing on the cake, for the living room I have used my own designed sofas and couches from the collection called ’embrace’. The moment you plop down on the sofa or couch, you get the feeling as if you are embraced by the fabric and the wonderful model of the furniture. There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable on your own sofa, is there? With the spectacular view from the terrace, the entire space exudes sensuality in its upper-class form. A sexy view combined with a vintage Bali rocking sofa is the perfect mix for a romantic evening together. The use of extravagant lamps to create a dramatic atmosphere will take your breath away. My first penthouse here in Dubai which I can call my own. Isn’t that the fairy tale I was talking about?